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Be the helping boots on the ground

Support the healthcare infrastructure of Ukraine

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Our friend and colleague, Dima Yepishin is a Jewish refugee living in America, from the Ukraine. He is the Executive Director of our sister nonprofit, Inner Way LA that was started by the Venerable Sumati Marut, aka Lama Marut. As such, Dima has a direct contact and nonprofit doing work (the best they can, whilst being bombed) on the ground in Ukraine. Help us to help them. Learn more about UKRAINIAN PEOPLE HEALTH by clicking here.

Dima explains,

"My friend's nonprofit has been chosen as one of the three nonprofits by the Ministry of Health in Ukraine to support the infrastructure through this time. They're a Ukrainian organization, unlike many other organizations coming in, so they have Ukrainian bank accounts

...I'm a president of a nonprofit called Inner Way LA, and our board has agreed to act as a way to provide fiscal sponsorship, meaning that collecting money for this nonprofit in Ukraine is going to be a project of our non-profit. So we're using our non-profit status, using our bank account and using our fundraising tools.

...[this organization is] already plugged into an existing infrastructure that needs help, because people are still having regular health issues, they're having new health issues and doctors are already stressed.... now they're being bombed."

We are collecting donations to send over in one lump sum to help the people on the ground the best way they see fit. Help us to help them by giving generously today.

100% of the proceeds will go to support the work of UKRAINIAN PEOPLE HEALTH.

Listen to the podcast below to learn more about this effort and about UKRAINIAN PEOPLE HEALTH.