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Like the poem by Robert Frost describes, taking the road less traveled makes all the difference. The contemplative path is most certainly a road less traveled.

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Like the poem by Robert Frost describes, taking the road less traveled makes all the difference. The contemplative path is most certainly a road less traveled.


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What are you putting in your suitcase for 2022?

What gets left behind?

When you donate to Mind Oasis, you are supporting co-created, joyful, and compassionate communities. With each breath we take together on Community Meditation or in classes steeped in the healing arts, we are bringing forward a more compassionate global community. A practice for one becomes a practice for many on this less traveled road.

Maybe you’ve noticed the world can be a pretty rough and tumble place?

You might have even lost a friend or family member over masks or no masks, vaxx or not, or any of the political divisions by which we find ourselves entrapped.

It seems like every time we round a corner, a challenge is waiting...Delta, Omicron, another shooting, another senseless act of violence, etc.

When we founded Mind Oasis in 2017, we thought we were going to be a place for teachers in the contemplative arts to connect with their students wherever in the world they happened to be. That was it!

However, the organic growth of Mind Oasis in this co-created space is so much more than a space for connection.

  • It is a healing space.
  • It is a place for you to fill up your do-good-o-meter.
  • It is a space to share, meditate, and learn.

Mind Oasis is a space without walls, where goodness extends and ripples out into the world to be of benefit to all sentient beings.

We want you to experience this for yourself. That's why this year's donor benefits connect you directly with our mission:

Your support will help keep our signature program affordable, Community Meditation.

Every day Mind Oasis offers something called Community Meditation. On the outside it looks like an online group meditation class, but Community Meditation is so much more.

We are bringing sanity to this poor aching world, one breath, one session, one point of connection at a time! The world needs a lot more Community Meditation!

Anyone can join a session or four, each and every day, in an effort to befriend their mind and to open their hearts.

Please donate to our “Road Less Traveled” fundraiser to keep this resource thriving!

Meditative practices are designed to help you take a breath before exploding or reacting...a critical skill most of us lack during these stressful times.

When we come together to meditate in a group environment, it feels supportive and builds a sense of community and togetherness. We jointly collect the goodness of meditation.

This isn’t an app where you can’t see the faces of the other participants or the guide blah blahs *at* you...this is a community with a safe room where you can engage others and form a bond.

It’s also a space filled with laughter, inspiration, and a “we’re in it together” attitude. By “taking the road less travelled” we are cultivating vast minds, and an open heart.

Please consider making a donation in support of keeping this program affordable. In fact, it’s been free for nearly two years in response to Covid, feelings of isolation, and the mental health crises we face in this country.

Mind Oasis is a 501c3 nonprofit organization that is sharing the timeless benefits of meditation and mindfulness practices with people worldwide.