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Help support Community Meditation

Your donation ensures that anyone wishing to befriend their mind can do so in a safe and supportive community!

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Connecting a Compassionate Global Community

In an increasingly complex world, folks are suffering at high rates from stress, anxiety, and depression; as well as increased feelings of isolation from others. Meditation and mindfulness practices have been scientifically shown to help. Our signature program, Community Meditation, offers up live online daily group meditation sessions that can be accessed anywhere you happen to be.

Mind Oasis is creating authentic community by bringing the age-old technology of meditation to folks safely In Virtual Life (IVL) to improve the overall mental health of our world while breaking down the barriers that keep us divisive and isolated in feelings of separation!

Your support and generosity makes the open-hearted endeavor of Connecting a Compassionate Global Community possible – thank you!

Please consider a monthly donation. A monthly gift is so helpful, as it allows us to budget accordingly and to pay our teachers for their time. Thank you for your consideration of this powerful gift -- a gift of $10, $15, $20 + is the cost of a couple cups of coffee for you and is a great source of refuge for us.

Becoming a Heavily Meditated donor gets you lots of extra goodies and also provides the most reliable means of support for Mind Oasis.

Monthly donors of $20 + enjoy exclusive benefits that include:

  • One-on-one meditation coaching upon sign up (value $75)
  • Access to an annual online retreat (value $450)
  • 10% off all classes, workshops, and series
  • Access to daily sessions on Community Meditation
  • Access to 1000s of recorded meditations exclusive only to monthly donors