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Sponsor a Month of Community Meditation!

Help Mind Oasis continue to offer Community Meditation for free into 2022 and beyond...

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$12,000 goal

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We are looking for one business or person to sponsor each month of Community Meditation.

Community Meditation is the heart and soul of Mind Oasis. Each day we serve up multiple opportunities to come together in online group meditation. Group meditation is an exceptionally potent practice as it helps to build unity and friendship that surpasses boundaries, while providing participants a touchstone for a consistent meditation practice. The cost of sponsorship is $1,000 for a month of support.

Mind Oasis is doing exceptional work and you can be proud to have your name associated with the community of practitioners that shows up each day for online group meditation.

There are many fun ways to engage a sponsorship:

  • Celebrate a birthday or anniversary or other milestone
  • Remember someone special
  • Promote your business

Benefits to you include:

    • Consistent weekly verbal thanks during sessions – audience size 100pp/week
    • Inclusion of name or logo in weekly newsletter (minimum 4x month) – audience 2500 contacts with average 26% open rate
    • Plus you’ll be joining a growing number of individuals and business who are supporting the Mind Oasis vision of Connecting a Compassionate Global Community.

Even if you aren’t personally into meditation, the benefits of meditation abound and you can be a part of bringing these timeless benefits to anyone wishing to befriend their mind:

  • greater empathy
  • calm
  • and space to respond instead of reacting

After this wild ride of 2020, it feels like these are some of the skills humanity needs most now. Become a part of the solution by sponsoring a month of Community Meditation on Mind Oasis.